Blog- Are You Doing Something New?

Have you ever started something new? A new job you have never done before, maybe a new project, or even a new class, and found yourself saying, “this is hard? Or I’m not getting it?”

Guess what? It is not hard, it is just new, and your brain needs time to adjust.

When I was learning some new concepts-beliefs, my brain kept spitting the new ideas or concepts back out.

My mind is programmed to reject anything that does not feel right according to what my current belief is. This behavior comes from the part of our brain that is called the Reptilian Brain.

We create a fortress of beliefs that govern our lives. It took me pondering the new concepts-beliefs and accepting them to allow in a new understanding.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. …Nathaniel Branden

So, if your thinking of taking in some new information, give your brain time to adjust. Remember, your belief system is what’s being challenged.

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