Magic Believe In You

When I first started my journey of discovering the authentic me, I had to start by believing in myself.

Even though I thought I did believe in me, it was not until I got the courage up to ask myself particular questions, then I got choked up and realized I had some deep pain trapped inside of me I needed to release, so I could fully love and appreciate myself.


“Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” – L. Hay


Lessons to live by…
Love Yourself
Loving yourself has this magical effect that causes you to change; therefore, your whole world will change.
Speak kindly to yourself
being mindful of the words you say about yourself. Our words are powerful and can build us up or tear us down.
Don’t hold on to anger and resent
Resentment and anger destroy your physical body, your spiritual life, and poisons your mind.
Being truly thankful for who you and where you right now bring joy, peace, and healing. For me, gratitude is the catalyst for all my changes.
Trust yourself
Trusting your intuition, it is your compass in life.
Stay Away From Toxic People
If someone is a true friend and cares about you, they will respect you and care about what is important to you.


I put together a video of encouraging quotes.

There is magic in believing in you.