Blog – We Are All Intuitive

We are all born with the gift of intuitiveness. Have you ever said, ” I have a gut feeling about this, and it was right,” or “I know there is something wrong, and you were right.” We all have, that is what it means to be intuitive.

Each of us has different degrees of being intuitive. For instance, someone who is a highly intuitive cross over to into another ability, and that is being psychic.

To be psychic is to have a gifting that allows you to know more; I have always called it ” Knowing.” Here are a few characteristics of a psychic person.

1- Highly intuitive people obey their inner voice, that knowing.

2- Highly intuitive people carefully observe their surroundings; they are acutely aware energetically of what is in the space.

3- Highly intuitive people pay attention to their dreams.

4- Highly intuitive people are acutely aware of their own feelings.

5- Highly intuitive people can quickly get themselves center on the here and now.

6- Highly intuitive people are deep thinkers.

7 -Highly intuitive people watch for spiritual road post.

Some people are born using these gifts, while others come into embracing them and or seek to understand more about this gift later in life.

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