My Mission, Will You Join me?

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Thirteen years ago, I stumped upon a company that offered people access to legal help 24-7. My husband and I were taken back by what this company was making available to the public! For us, at the time, it was a new concept.

Once we used our Legal membership and accessed all the benefits, we saw and felt the power of having a law firm at our disposal. My husband, and I have never looked back!

Fast forward thirteen years, I am blown away with the amazing transformation of this company. Today the memberships offer so much more! 

My mission is simple, to get LegalShield into the hands of as many people as we can. Why? Because if we don’t know what our legal rights are and don’t have help understanding those rights, then we don’t have any legal rights at all.

I am a strong contender for justice. We have all experienced the sting of being done wrong and with nowhere to turn for help.

Now, we have Legal Help at our disposal 24-7!  

Will you consider joining me in my cause? 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

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LegalShield, Worry Less, Live More

If you could speak with a law firm without the hourly cost, would you?

4 Truths Of LegalShield (5 Minute Video)

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Blog- Do What You Want, Have Fun

I wish when I was growing up, someone taught me life was really about having fun and doing what I was created to do.

Does that sound absurd?

The life that was modeled before me growing up never offered me much hope of joy and happiness. Even in school, I heard if we wanted to make something of yourself, you need more schooling-college.

I watched people go to college because they believed it was the only way to get ahead. They accumulate massive debt through school loans, and then struggle to find a job in the area they went to school for or outright hated their jobs, but went this route for the money.

Life is met to be joyful and filled with fun. There is nothing wrong with collage if that brings you joy and makes you happy, and the keyword here is a joy.

What does bring you joy? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I remember the first time I asked myself that question out loud. I remember this sadness washed over me. Deep down inside, I was not wholly fulfilled.

Being a wife and mother has brought me a lot of joy, yet there was still something missing. I had never done things I wanted to do for me.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew I had many gifts and talents I could share with the world. I have a lifetime of experiences that could help others and bring value to their lives.

The day I stepped out of the old model of thinking and beliefs was the day I stepped into the new me and became an entrepreneur.

I now own three businesses I do from home, and nothing feels like work. I get excited to wake up and do what I love doing.

Ask yourself out loud, right now, today. What brings me joy? Joy is one of the highest energetic emotions we can experience.  

Top six emotions to keep your energy at the highest.

Life was met to be filled with joy and happiness, reach for the stars; you are worth it, and you won’t regret it!

Are You Willing To Let Go?

Sometimes making changes comes with a price tag. Some of my hardest losses were long term friendships.

When I started changing, I had some long term friend that was not accepting of who I was becoming, the real me.

At the beginning of this part of my journey, it was hard learning to be me. Being me met letting go of people I loved dearly.

I had a hard time to understand how you could be such good friends for such a long time with someone, then suddenly everything falls apart, and you are either being attacked or pushed away. I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself out loud, “Are you willing to let go?”

When I started examining the situations honestly what I saw was the friendships were based on what I believed at the time. My overall belief system shaped my life and connected me to others that believed the same or similar.

As soon as my overall belief system started to change, I no longer fit in, there was no hope for acceptance and staying friends in a different capacity, that was the hard part for me.

After a while, I came to appreciate the losses and to understand the most important relationship I can have is with myself.