I Love Keto Diet

I posted this on my facebook. I have edited some of my spelling etc. here 🙂

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t promote doctors because, for the most part, they genuinely don’t do what is right, either knowingly or unknowingly. Most are not even willing to listen or learn.

Some of you may remember, I was diagnosed with diabetes a while back; I was borderline type 1. I did beat it, but as time went by, I continue to have issues off and on, and I could not understand what was happening.

I monitor my sugar levels at home regularly, which is how I know what foods work for me and what does not. Long story short, the meal plan I was on was mostly Keto, which I had never heard of before I found Dr. Berry’s video.

I ate this diet because my blood sugar demanded it, yet I was still missing information because I was getting sick again, run down and tired.

I had no clue why my sugar levels started running about 140, which is where damage begins to the body as a whole, and trust me; it is not hard to get to 140, especially if you eat carbs and process foods. There’s more, but I let the Dr explain.

Because I whole heartily believe when I pose a question to the Universe/God/Source Energy, I know my answer will come.

“The most powerful and most deceptive medical lie of all, is that your doctor knows everything there is to know about your health, or about medicine in general.” ― Ken D. Berry, Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

Recently in my search for truth, I came across Dr. Berry’s videos and began binging on his videos for the past week; I am so excited because now I have the bigger picture- I have my answer to my health issues.

My family and I have completed our process, and we now eat Keto! The first meal, all three of us had, we felt a huge difference even before we finished the meal, I know that may sound strange.

I plan on doing a blog about this in great detail. I encourage you to listen to what this doctor has to say and shows you in his videos, proof, test ect. and decide your self.

NOTE: These videos provoked a lot of emotions in me, from anger to grief. I have lost loved ones that never needed to die in the manner they did and so young.

Diet Doctor Podcast— Dr. Ken Berry, MD