Blog: Are You A Human Being Or A Human Doing?

I have gone through some hard times in my early years dealing with depression. I had become a human doing and have no clue what it met to be a human being.

I remember that feeling of being overwhelmed all the time and having no real direction in my life. I spent much of my time taking care of other people, working, doing this, or doing that.

Yet, I still felt empty and lost and wondered if there was more to life. I could be in a room filled with people, and I always felt alone and unfulfilled.

At the height of the depression, I became morbidly obese twice, side effects of the drugs the doctors had me on. Of course, all the extra weight did nothing to help me move in the direction of understanding the root of my problems, the weight added to the depression.

One day I heard someone talking about being a human being and not a human doing. That phrase caught my attention and snapped me out of the negative emotional fog called depression I was experiencing.

I was not aware of it at the time, but a shift in my thinking was taking place. For the first time in years, I took my eyes off of all the things that were causing me stress, and I began pondering what does it mean to be a human being.

My mind reeled with questions; those questions caused me to seek answers. A few days went by, and I suddenly realized I was feeling better, more positive.

I even had people show up in my life who helped me on this new path I was now on. That is the power of attraction! My new way of thinking opened the doors for new people, new ideas, a whole new way of living.

I got off all the drugs I was on. I stopped feeling bad for myself and began realizing I have the power to change my life and become a human being that was productive and happy.

The more I changed my thoughts, the better I was feeling and the less stress I had. The less stress I had, the better I felt.

I began taking care of me first. I learned to say no more. I removed people from my life who were not encouraging me to get better.

My life fell apart because I didn’t take care of me. I was so busy doing for others thinking that would make me whole.

I had become a human doing. When I started taking care of me, I became a human being on the path that was not only healing but very fulfilling.

Are You A Human Being Or A Human Doing?

Are You Willing To Let Go?

Sometimes making changes comes with a price tag. Some of my hardest losses were long term friendships.

When I started changing, I had some long term friend that was not accepting of who I was becoming, the real me.

At the beginning of this part of my journey, it was hard learning to be me. Being me met letting go of people I loved dearly.

I had a hard time to understand how you could be such good friends for such a long time with someone, then suddenly everything falls apart, and you are either being attacked or pushed away. I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself out loud, “Are you willing to let go?”

When I started examining the situations honestly what I saw was the friendships were based on what I believed at the time. My overall belief system shaped my life and connected me to others that believed the same or similar.

As soon as my overall belief system started to change, I no longer fit in, there was no hope for acceptance and staying friends in a different capacity, that was the hard part for me.

After a while, I came to appreciate the losses and to understand the most important relationship I can have is with myself.