A Powerful Hawaiian Prayer

Have you heard of the Hawaiian therapist who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients without ever meeting any of them?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len would review each of the patients’ files, and then he healed them by healing himself through the power of Ho’oponopono, the ancient art of forgiveness. A powerful Hawaiian prayer.

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness of oneself back to the creator. It is about clearing out old programs and being restored to love. We are influencing and healing others through healing ourselves indirectly. 

 When using the mantra, you’re speaking it to the Divine or your Creator. You never try to fix anyone else; you stayed focused on you and your healing.


  1. Love – I LOVE YOU.
  2. Repentance – I’M SORRY. 
  3. Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME. 
  4. Gratitude – THANK YOU.
  • Step One- Love

True Love for the creator and yourself, is where this process starts. If you don’t allow yourself to feel Love for you and your creator, it makes it difficult to move into repentance.

  • Step two- Repentance 

The first step is to realize you are responsible for all your thoughts. It is in your thought life, your actions and reactions come. Once you can genuinely understand this, it is easier for repentance to flow. 

  • Step Three- Ask For Forgiveness

It is not necessary to go directly to another person. What is essential is you reconcile the forgiveness within yourself. 

  • Step four: Gratitude – Thank You 

Gratitude fills your heart with joy; it allows contentment-peace into your life and brings about changes within you. Joy is one of the top vibrational energies or feeling we can experience.

Quote: “The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love, moment to moment. To fulfill this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100 percent responsible for creating his life the way it is. He must come to see that it is his thoughts that create his life the way it is moment to moment. The problems are not people, places, and situations but rather the thoughts of them. He must come to appreciate that there is no such thing as “out there.”― Ihaleakala Hew Len


Hoʻoponopono Service

Author: Jo-Ann

I was one of those people who was born with gifting that came in to play at an early age. I was three years old when I experienced for the first time the gift of what I call "Knowing" something was going to happen before it did. We lived in this old schoolhouse that had been converted into apartments; I was three years old. I remember being in our big kitchen, and I clearly heard in my mind, stay away from that hole in the floorboard, a big rat will be coming out. Sure enough seconds after I heard that message this huge rat squished his way out of a little hole in our kitchen floorboard. I sat on my little riding toy, wondering who told me that. That was to be the beginning of my intuitive psychic journey. When I got older, I would hear, see, and feel people around me that could not be seen with the natural eyes; I was horrified! I didn't understand what was happening at the time. My parents thought I was having nightmares, and after a while, they took me to see a psychiatrist thinking maybe something was wrong with me. It was a tough time in my life; I was living in a world no one around me could understand. I learned to stop talking about what was happening to me so my parents would no longer see the need to take me to the psychiatrist who had no clue about spiritual things, his only answer was drugs, which I refused to accept. Over time I did come into learning about having these incredible gifts of being a psychic intuitive, and I have had the honor of helping many people along their journey. I have my certification in Psychic Intuitive Messager with the School Of Mystical Arts with James Van Praagh. I received my advanced practitioner certification in The Law of Attraction with the Global Sciences Foundation, Joe Vitale. I also received my advance practitioner certification in Ho'oponopono with the Global Sciences Foundation where I am also a member. http://myglobalsciencesfoundation.org/index.shtml Presently, I am working on my certification in Psychic Energy & Entity Healing. Life is incredible both in this physical world and in the spirit world. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Quote: Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. ... Florence Scovel Shinn. . The One Authentic You: https://the-one-authentic-you.com/

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